Love Letter

So I’ve had the VCD of this Japanese movie for years, and I just decided to watch it tonight. The movie involves Hiroko, a young woman whose fiance – Fujii – had died in a mountaineering accident. Two years later, she finds his address in his high school yearbook, and writes him a letter. And to her wonder, it is answered. It turns out a young woman with his name now lives there. Through a steady exchange of short poignant letters, Hiroko realises that this young woman had been her fiance’s classmate, and Hiroko asks her new penpal to tell her more about her fiance.

Thought it was a really enjoyable, touching movie, but I was a bit disappointed about the ending. Some more things I think I think:

  • The movie was beautifully filmed. Most of it was shot in winter, with snow. Snow is just so evocative visually, isn’t it? People who live where snow is a natural occurrence must surely experience life differently from people who live elsewhere. They would have different metaphors, different frames of reference…
  • Hiroko must have really missed her fiance to have written that first letter:

“Dear Fujii Itsuke,
How are you? I am very well.
Hiroko Watanabe”

  • It must have been strange, learning about a lost love from someone who knew him before she did. (Here I am, talking about the movie as if it were real.) In one of her letters, Hiroko wrote: “There must be many places and times he was in. I probably know only a portion of him.” I think that is so true, and lucky couples get most of their lives to find out more about their loved ones.
  • To me, the movie was about how people leave marks in one’s life and lost opportunities for love. It made me wish I had been braver when I was in school.

I heartily recommend this movie. If you want to watch it, drop me an email, and I can pass the VCD to you :)

Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

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