I woke up…

with this song in my head:

恋曲 1990 [Amateurishly translated as “Love Song 1990”]

Lyrics:罗大佑 Composition:罗大佑 Arrangement:罗大佑

乌溜溜的黑眼珠 和你的笑脸 [Black black eyes, and your smiling face]
怎么也难忘记你 容颜的转变 [Unforgettable are the changes of your face]
轻飘飘的旧时光 就这么溜走 [The years slip by lightly]
转头回去看看时 已匆匆数年 [I turn my head, and quickly it’s been several years]

苍茫茫的天涯路 是你的飘泊 [Your wanderings are austere paths to the ends of the earth]
寻寻觅觅长相守 是我的脚步 [Searching, waiting, follow my footsteps]
黑漆漆的孤枕边 是你的温柔 [In the inky darkness, along the lonely pillow, your softness]
醒来时的清晨里 是我的哀愁 [In the clear morning, on awakening, my sorrow]

或许明日太阳西下倦鸟已归时 [Maybe when the sun sets west tomorrow and the tired birds have returned]
你将已经踏上旧时的归途 [You would have already stepped onto the old path of return]
人生难得再次寻觅相知的伴侣 [In life, difficult to find again one who knows you]
生命终究难舍蓝蓝的白云天 [In the end, life still cannot bear to leave the blue and cloudy sky]

轰隆隆的雷雨声 在我的窗前 [The storm thunders outside my window]
怎么也难忘记你 离去的转变 [Unforgettable is the change of your leaving]
孤单单的身影后 寂寥的心情 [Behind the single silhouette, abject loneliness]
永远无怨的是我的双眼 [Forever uncomplaining, are my eyes]

[The English translation is so lame, I’m putting this up here so I’ll be pushed to improve my translation skills. Eventually :p]


Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

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