Gifts II

Heh – in case the title does not make it clear, this here entry is a follow-up to a recent one titled “Gifts” (it’s a few entries back). Just to wrap things up and provide some closure to the one or two out there who are reading this :)

First, a little about my tastes when it comes to chocolate. It seems I enjoy dark chocolate the most, compared to milk and white chocolate; I’d rather chocolate be bitter than over-sweet, but a little sweetness is essential still. Since the main difference among these three varieties is the % of cocoa, and dark chocolate has the highest concentration, followed by milk, then white, I suppose that means I like a heftier, chocolate-ier choc.

And, oh, I love hazelnut with my chocs. And I think I like the praline type – with the nut in itty-bitty pieces mixed into a cream – the best.

So, to report on the gifts:

The Pocky sticks coated in dark chocolate were addictive – the dark chocolate coating was generous, bittersweet and rich.

The hazelnut KitKat were made of a white chocolate layer over hazelnut cream over the KitKat wafer, and that tasted great – with a very pleasing hazelnut rush – but it was just a bit too sweet.

Haven’t tried the green tea KitKat yet.

The blue parcel with the wintry feel (take a look at what I’m babbling about) housed some packets of confection – round, flat biscuits, with a layer of peanuts, and another of sugar. It’s interesting how the taste of the confection comes in a few phases – first nutty, then the plainer biscuit, then the sweet sugar. I’m now licking the sugared nuts from my teeth.


Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

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