Over Time

Sometimes I just want to feel sad, and I listen to sad songs.

Then yesterday, while listening to the sad guitar strings of the instrumental theme from the Japanese dorama “Over Time” (by The Brilliant Green – if you like heart-tugging plucks of guitar string and have good audio equipment, you might wanna root around the ‘Net for that), I looked up “Over Time” online, and came across a list of songs on its original soundtrack, and remembered one of my favourite songs from that time: “I Believe” by Yamaguchi Yuko. And then I searched for that song on YouTube, thinking I might find a music video from long ago, but I found this:

I think those of you who followed “Over Time” would remember the scene in this YouTube clip.  Let me clumsily attempt to sketch a brief background: The scene in the YouTube clip is the farewell between Natsuki (the girl) and Soichiro (the guy), who are best buddies/soul-mates. Soichiro loves her, but Natsuki is not as sure – she thinks their relationship is one in which he walks alongside her, while she wants to spend her life with someone who would hold her hand. So Natsuki makes her final decision (after many convolutions): she would spend the rest of her life with Kuga, an all-round nice chap (though of course I couldn’t help disliking him for coming between Natsuki and Soichiro). They are leaving Japan for the US – therefore the farewell.

Watching the show many years ago, I kept hoping for a convenient Hollywood ending – maybe Kuga would die, and Natsuki she’d mourn for a while, and return to Soichiro. But watching the clip again, I realised that she is radiantly happy – just watch the clip: she is seriously joyous! – and I decided one should be happy for her too, as Soichiro is.

True to the excellent, observant writing throughout “Over Time”, the ending was special too. Soichiro is a photographer, and at the ending of “Over Time”, he publishes a photo book called “De Derriere”, dedicated to Natsuki, with a photo of her retreating back, waving the bridal tiara. (“De Derriere” is French for “Hind” or “Back”, but I like to think that it means something like “Back Silhouette” or “背影”.)

Oh, and I also found a synopsis of the whole dorama online. Here’s one of the last episode.

Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

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