A few good posts…

I think so, anyway :)

Lights Out?* – Touches on the much-hyped “Lights Out” campaign that found favour with major cities all over the world on 29 Mar 2008 – see the following web pages dedicated to such events in San Francisco and London, for starters – and essentially points out that, while very visible, there are many other ways of protecting the environment that are more impactful than turning off lights for an hour. Favourite point made: Many people dealt with the darkness by lighting candles, which are way less efficient that light bulbs as sources of light. Not a particularly eco-friendly lesson, if eco-friendliness means making the most of our resources.

*The web site on which this article resides is Project Syndicate, which aggregates articles from thought leaders such as Joseph S Nye and Joseph E Stiglitz. Well worth a regular visit.

Where’s your place for failing? (via metacool) – I think Singaporeans are not very good at failing… or maybe a more accurate statement would be, Singapore is not a place that is conducive to people recovering and learning from failures… which means it’s not a place that encourages trying i.e. entrepreneurship. Favourite point made: Failure can be instructive and productive. Deep? Maybe. Paradoxical? Maybe. But I think the idea is, if one doesn’t know whether something will work, but tries his/her best to make it work, two things may happen – one, it works; two, it doesn’t. In both situations, we learn something. If one does not try, nothing is learnt.

Breaking through (via Andrew Hargadon’s blog) – In my admittedly limited experience, Andrew Hargadon is one of most lucid writers in academia, and he asks a great question in this short essay: What makes a breakthrough? Hargadon’s point, and my favourite point made in the article: The design characteristics of a product are important, but sometimes, what makes it a breakthrough product is its network and the people who build it.

Happy reading :)


Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

One thought on “A few good posts…”

  1. I is has seen this, which is relates to failure. It talk to Harvard gwere-duates. It called Fringe Benefits of Failure and Importance of Imagination. It by JK Rowling. Encourage to watch video or dunloads audio. It slightly different from transcript and enough to matters.


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