A pithy quote, a funny toon, tuning your finances with a scattergram and inspiring teachers

I came across some more interesting stuff that I wanted to share.

First up, what a thought: Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful. We all have an idea of how things work; scientists and economists call such ideas of theirs models.  Our ideas and their models approximate how things work – that’s all they can ever do – and something someday will come by to somehow cause us to review these approximations and fine-tune them.  I took away a couple of things from these nine words.  One, I should be prepared for that something someday, and be ready to graciously let go of my ideas/models when they are not so useful anymore.  Two, I should be aware of why my ideas/models are useful and what they cannot account for i.e. know their limitations – I think this would lead to better decisions.

I laughed out loud in disbelief at this cartoon.

Interesting idea – plotting your expenses on two axes of recurring/occasional and need/want.

Carnegie Mellon Prof Randy Pausch has died.  I wrote about him several posts back.  I didn’t know the man personally, but, if the reactions of others to him and his last lecture are any indication, then we’ve lost an inspiration.  My favourite part of the video clip is at about the 1hr 10mins mark, when he talks about focusing on others, and then as a concrete example of that he has some folks wheel out this cake for his wife (whose birthday was the day before) and leads a 500-strong singalong of Happy Birthday to his dear Jai.  What a guy.

And today I came across this list of inspirational (fictional, movie-only) teachers, which I hope you will enjoy.

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Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

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