Today, I was given a very special gift.  (To be accurate, I got it last week, but I found out who gave it to me and I opened it only today.)  The person who gave it to me made it clear that there were only three of it in the world.

It turned out to be a 12-month calendar made of beautiful close-up pictures of flowers, painstakingly photographed.  I haven’t confirmed it yet, but, given that the person who gave it to me is a photo buff, she probably took the photos and selected twelve of them for a calendar.  To me, it’s an inspired yet practical gift.

I felt incredibly moved.  The photos were stunningly detailed, at least one of them – with a bee slightly off the very centre of the bloom – wondrous and achingly beautiful to behold.


Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

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