One can watch the entire Blackadder series (all four seasons) on YouTube here.  If you like British humour and convoluted similes that reward deciphering like a drink of iced tea rewards a parched throat, you’ll like this.  I especially enjoyed the fourth season :)

P/S.  Oh, I should probably mention that the series features early Rowan Atkinson (who’s unquestionably better in Blackadder than he is in Mr Bean; I do think Mr Bean’s sort of humour is appreciated by a larger audience though) and Hugh Laurie (I am one of many many many who enjoy him in House) and Stephen Fry (whose name used to be as inseparable from Laurie’s as sugar, coffee powder and milk powder that have been thoroughly blended in warm water), though I tend to think the writing, rather than the acting, is the part that makes Blackadder most worth straining your eyeballs.

Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

4 thoughts on “BlackAdder”

  1. Hey,

    Was there an episode on the Spanish Inquisition? Recall watching it for a History class. Was hilarious!

    Anyway, my main purpose in leaving a comment is to introduce you to another blog –

    This is by a JC classmate who in some ways reminds me of you and perhaps who you could be.

    Read it and hopefully, you’ll understand :)

    – Karen

  2. Heh I’m replying ultra-late, a full three weeks after the comment. Seemed longer though.

    I went to the blog. Very attractive. Evocative photos.

  3. I believe I have the entire series of Blackadder on vcd. My HB bought it and we watched it with our son – I think we’re mad. :P

  4. Heh that’s sweet :) Blackadder’s not entirely family-friendly though, eh? :p

    (Btw, sorry for the late reply.)

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