some thoughts and a disappointment

A few days ago a couple of friends and I were talking about “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (I understand the proper title of the song is “Over the Rainbow”) and someone mentioned that her favourite version is Eva Cassidy’s.  I said that I hadn’t heard of her, and this other friend then offered to bring a couple of her CDs.  He did, and in the CD sleeve notes I read that she had died young.  Curious, I searched for more information on Wikipedia, and found that she died at my age of melanoma.  Digesting this while listening to her CDs, I had some thoughts.

She had an amazing voice.  Powerful, expressive, versatile.  Achingly beautiful in spots.  Her version of “Fields of Gold” got my attention.  I prefer Izzy’s version of “Over the Rainbow” though.

My cousin, who was born six days after me, also had cancer.  Hers was a relatively treatable sort of leukaemia, I understand, and she’s back at work now.  We met recently and she seemed like her old self, though she wears a cap now.  We talked about reading and books and relatives and relived childhood incidents and exchanged gifts and had dinner and coffee and talked some more about her illness and what it had wrought – it’s brought her closer with her in-laws, she said, and she now was carried around a bottle of stuff meant to disinfect her hands – and how the Internet has enabled support groups to form comprising people all over the world and how such support groups include a very specific category of people going back to work and how she found those useful.  I’m thrilled she is okay; that evening with her may have made my month :) 

I wonder if I will get cancer some time too.  Probably, right?  That seems to be how most people die.  I remember I dramatically plopped onto my bed reading my cousin’s SMS about her diagnosis – maybe that’s a good rehearsal.

And on that slightly morbid note, I just want to relate that, one, “14 Blades” was a so-so kungfu flick, fun to watch but not engaging emotionally and, two, on the day I watched “14 Blades” I saw Stefanie Sun’s concert at Resorts World and while she was in good form the attendance was disappointing and perhaps because of that there was no encore.  That stunned me.  I have been to a few concerts, and this was the first time there wasn’t one.  Very disappointing.

Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

One thought on “some thoughts and a disappointment”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to the original singer of “Fields of Gold”. that was one of my old time favourite.

    Funny you should mentioned this, because I have been hearing ppl getting cancer back home too. One friend lost her parents 6 months apart from each other due to cancer, and another friend’s mom in Penang is at terminal stage.

    I always wonder if I’m going to die of cancer too. Lets face it, no amount of resolution and will power would have stopped anyone from taking junk into our bodies not unless I go all out being organic, watch what I eat and misses my favourite junk food (which is laced with tons of preservatives and chemical etc.) and also I have been so sickly since I was young. So I’m bracing for death, just don’t know when, but that didn’t much bother me. (Yeah I’m sick in the head too, I know).

    It’s always nice to receive your thoughtful entry. In reciprocal, recently I have moved some of my private blog entry into a public blog, it’s called

    so you know that I don’t blog only about books. :)

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