web pages that recently entertained me

Spectacular new species [National Geographic]

The surprising realities behind what motivates us, in cartoons [Lifehacker]

A cool blog for a cool bookshop (which I hope to visit someday) [BooksActually]

And something else which recently entertained me was this “Power Women” concert I went to with my pal and her sister and her former work neighbour.  A great review of the concert is here (in Chinese).*  I think the new business model for the popular music industry – generating revenue mainly from concerts – is great for us fans, who can now see our favourites perform “live” more often than we ever dreamed possible.  One can only hope that the increased frequency of what used to be rare events motivates the powers that be to improve the sound fidelity of large venues or to shift some concerts, for certain singers, to more suitable environs (I recommend the Esplanade).

*Although I am too lazy to write a complete review of the concert, I wanted to just say that, while I was looking forward to 万芳’s songs the most (I know them and love them best), the most entertaining part of the concert for me was 黄小琥’s banter with us.  I liked how she said in mock proper English, “My name is Yellow Little Tiger” and earlier in the piece announced her next song as “昨天玩什么” (i.e. “Yesterday once more”). 

Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

2 thoughts on “web pages that recently entertained me”

  1. I really liked the video on what motivates people. I found that it really speaks of me :)

    As for the bookshop, you should really visit it! I went there before cos one of the original “founders” of the bookshop was a junior from NUS History.

    Yep, just wanted to say I really enjoyed this post :)

  2. Good good.

    I shall visit the bookshop soon. Wonder how bookshops work – I mean the business model? Surely all those books can’t already be paid for!

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