The Grandmaster

I’ve enjoyed Wong Kar Wai films, but The Grandmaster made me think he’s fundamentally unbalanced – able to piece together beautiful compositions of colour and shape and texture and movement (I happened to like the fight scenes) and often capable of drawing out terrific bouts of acting (thought the last scene of dialogue where Zhang Ziyi and Tony Leung sat facing each other was superb acting), but almost callously unconcerned about the aesthetic of pace and plot. Zhang Zhen’s cameo – a ridiculously engaging bit of comedy – was sadly wasted.

Sometimes a careful curation of scenes work, especially with the appropriate captions; this time, the curator lacked care and the collection was far from whole.

Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

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