Amid the craziness, a concert

Should have set out this setlist from a Kit Chan concert from more than half a year back some months ago, but with the laziness to read or write that has become my preoccupying affliction these days, doing so only now. (There was also the small matter of the culmination of a years-long work project, a scarce 10 days after this 10 Nov 2018 concert.) Dedicated to a friend who was not there.

  1. 天冷
  2. 喜欢你
  3. (粤)等了又等
  4. (粤)分享孤独
  5. 诺贝尔
  6. 心痛
  7. 担心
  8. (粤)麻醉 – The love theme from a Hong Kong series she was one of the leads in.
  9. 看月亮-拔河 medley
  10. 那些被风吹散的人
  11. 我是不是该安静地走开 – An affecting version of an Aaron Kwok standard
  12. 我会唱歌
  13. Flexible man
  14. Fever
  15. 走出黑暗的世界吧,朋友
  16. 我真的爱错
  17. 享受寂寞
  18. 最好的年纪
  19. 追-今生今世 medley – A pair of songs from the 1994 movie “He’s a woman, she’s a man” starring Leslie Cheung, Anita Yuen, Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan and Carina Lau. One of my favourites, and listening to these songs from the original soundtrack gets me reminiscing every time.
  20. 心动
  21. A time for everything


  1. Easy come easy go (?)
  2. 早去早回-家-Home medley

And among these, an excellent instrumental rendition of drama-filled ballad 入戏太深.


I like Kit Chan’s singing. I like it in its recorded state – polished, wonderfully controlled, evocative. I have found that I like it too in its raw state, the way she sings in concerts and on those shows where established singers sing “live” – beautifully emotional, dramatic, but at ease, very much in line with her stage persona.

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