No country for old men

…has tight, expressive, precise dialogue, especially if one understands twang and expressions straight out of the Southwest USA, circa 1980. …features one of the scariest stalkers I have ever had seen in film, complemented by bewitching, suspenseful camera-work – I learned to be scared of this killer, and my fear of him and my dread … Continue reading “No country for old men”

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a superhero movie the way a graphic novel such as The Sandman is a comic.  There is the tight storytelling, relentlessly paced; the flawed hero, who must deal with the consequences of his all-too-human choices; the not-quite-Hollywood ending.  All the principals turned in better-than-good performances: Christian Bale as Batman was laconic, brooding, … Continue reading “The Dark Knight”