IKEA’s Japanese adventure

IKEA, the Swedish furnishing folks, are trying to enter the Japan market, and as part of their marketing they’ve decked out a monorail. Check out the photos of the IKEAed monorail at this link (you’ll need to wait a bit for the pictures to load).

I think the location’s a good idea, since monorails in Japan can be packed and that means many eyeballs. But the garish designs featured in the train don’t exactly look like something Japanese would enjoy, to me. Japanese are more… Muji-ish.

Tasteless (pun intended)

Got this image off today’s Life!, and I have to say I think this is a really tasteless ad. But I suppose it’s attention-grabbing and unlikely to corrupt minors. Wouldn’t have thought the actress would endorse an ad campaign like this, but apparently she “loves the new Imedeen ‘I Swallow’ campaign” and thinks it’s “a fun and refreshing concept”. Imedeen’s International Communications Manager said, “The upfront, teasing direction of Imedeen’s ad campaign was aimed at breaking away from the typecast, thereby creating a campaign that speak to the modern woman.”

Well, if there are any modern women reading this, do let me know whether this particular ad campaign actually spoke to you…