I use Google Reader to subscribe to many blogs.  I’m still amazed that there exists this technology to essentially get sent new articles from so many different sources. 

Recently, I came across PC Magazine‘s article on its writers’ 100 favourite blogs, and added more than a few of them to my list of subscriptions.  You may want to take a look at the PC Magazine list too – lots of good stuff there.  I especially liked these two:

Aurgasm – A “music discovery blog” that introduces readers to musicians and their music, with free MP3 downloads for sampling.  I’ve subscribed to the web site for only a few days, and already, I’ve been introduced to my new favourite instrumentalist – Julia Kent, a cellist.  “Dorval”, one of her pieces, reminds me of a whale song, with a sense of whimsy, in a vast echo-y space ripe for exploration.

Drawn! – This bills itself as “the illustration & cartooning blog”.  Again, I’ve been a subscriber for only a few days, and already it’s been worth it: A reference to a recent graphic short story competition organised by the Observer led me to this blog entry with links to many of the competition entries.