pieces of media

I realise I haven’t been blogging a lot, and while work and a general malaise of tiredness and lack of inspiration has been the main reasons, the following engrossing pieces of media have also contributed :) 

This one looks like a video game-inspired musing on the importance of open communication.  Loved the ending :)

This one is just GORGeous… and pushes a lot of my long-dormant “visual literacy” buttons.  (I used to, long ago now, study communication, and visual literacy was a concept we learnt early.)  I also enjoyed the sense of camaraderie among the three friends :)

some more discoveries…

And also recently, I discovered


usually refers to a stylised knife (said to be Nepalese in origin), but in this case it refers to an extremely smart-looking snake – around 10-12cm long – that paid a visit to my house yesterday.  Here’s a picture of it all essed up, set to strike.

Kukri in a basin, set to strike

Kukri snakes are really handsome snakes, with bright lengthwise stripes that converge on their heads in a nice pattern, and a brilliant underside.  Here’s the kukri showing that off :)

A view of the kukri's brilliant belly :p

Some interesting stories…

that I had wanted to post when I read them, but was too lazy to :p

I believe stories are key to the way we persuade, and I enjoy the fit and sense of completeness when someone makes a pertinent point with an appropriate story.  Here are some excellent examples :)

The panhandler’s secret [Seth’s Blog] – Couldn’t come up with a better moral for the story than Seth’s own: Interact first, sell second.

The disappointed Coca Cola salesman [~synthesis~] – Again, the moral is supplied by the writer: The audience matters most.  I find that this rule – drummed into me during university while I was doing communication studies – serves one well whenever and whatever we communicate.

Heaven and hell with long-handled spoons [Harga-Blog] – A very nice way to make the point that our mindset – and in this case we are using the word quite precisely, referring to the mind’s being set on something, reluctant to change its shape – determines whether we live happily or not.

Memorable business cards

One of the rituals of working life is the exchange of business cards.  Mine looks normal, as any civil servant’s would – the most unusual civil service business card I know has Braille, to make it extremely clear we don’t discriminate against blind folks – so I don’t particularly look forward to or think it is a big deal to pass someone one of my cards.  To be honest, if someone wanted to contact me, I’d refer him or her to the government directory.

If I had these business cards, on the other hand…

A LEGO avatar for a business ‘card’ – now that’s quite something!  (from the Chief Happiness Officer blog)

A business card that fits into a ‘decoder sleeve’ – extra, but cool (from Freelance Switch)

Subtle increments in the height of the coloured blocks make the simple company name even more sticky (from Freelance Switch)

I’m not sure what ninjas have to do with creative design and illustration, which is what Cubicle Ninjas the company purports to do, but ninjas on my business card is something I can *so* aspire to.  Someday… (from Freelance Switch)

A fitting way to make an impression, or several… (ok ok ok corny I know) (from creativebits.org)

This is waaaaay cool, but – if your business card can do what *you* can do, isn’t it reducing your business potential?  I guess one can see the business card serving as a demo as well, like “my business card makes you stretch *one, two, three* and I will work you hard too”… (from creativebits.org)

Another super-apt card, for an acupuncturist :)  (from creativebits.org)

Oh, and I know that a company called Bus Ads, which sells advertisement space on buses, has business cards that look like bus tickets from decades ago, when there were different colours for different prices of tickets.  (In Singapore, most passengers use contactless RFID (I think) cards to pay for their bus rides – no more tickets.)

Pretty Loaded…

is not just a synonym for quite rich; it’s also a web site that collects loading graphics or preloaders, those arresting little animations that allow you to visually track the progress of a web page’s loading.  These days, with ultra-speedy broadband supporting high resolution and intense graphics, such itty-bitty morsels of art are far less common.  So reminisce a bit and take a look at www.prettyloaded.com – it’s well worth it :)

[Learnt of Pretty Loaded from Very Short List, a free service that sends you daily alerts about cool bits of media before they become too cool.]