The title of the song means “travel stop”

as in a journey’s way-point.  This haunting half-narrated, half-sung gem is in Chinese, and I’ve attempted my usual clumsy translation of its lyrics below.  Do check out the YouTube video after the lyrics.

驛 (Read by 黃舒駿; sung by 林慧萍)

火車站的候車室 (In the waiting room in the train station)
時常坐著一位打扮整齊的中年婦人 (Would sit a tidily arranged middle-aged woman)
手裡抱著一個老式皮箱 (Hugging an old-style leather suitcase)
游目張望 似乎在期待什麼 (Her restless eyes would wander, as if she was awaiting something)

第一次見到婦人是他高中的時候 (The first time he saw the woman, he was in high school)
每天夜裡從桃園通車到台北補習 (Every night he would travel from Taoyuan to Taipei for tuition)
深夜十一點回到桃園 (When he returned to Taoyuan late in the night at 11pm)
婦人總是準時地坐在候車室的木椅上 (The woman would always punctually be sitting on the wooden bench in the waiting room)
等待著的姿勢 不安的眼神 端整的打扮 好像在等待著某一個約好的人 (Anxious, waiting, dressed well, like she was waiting for someone she had arranged to meet)

起先他沒有特別留意她 可是時間一久 (At first he didn’t pay any special attention to her, but as time went by)
尤其是沒有旅客的時候 (Particularly when there were no tourists)
婦人就格外顯的孤寂 (The woman would seem especially lonely)
有一天他終於下定決心 (One day he finally decided)
在候車室等待那婦人離去 (To wait in the waiting room for the woman to leave)
一直到深夜落 一直到凌晨一點 (Night fell, and it was 1am in the morning)
婦人才站了起來 (When the woman finally stood up)
走到候車室的黑板前用粉筆寫著 (And walked to the blackboard at the back of the waiting room and wrote with a piece of chalk)
「水, 等你沒等到, 我先走了. 英 留」 (“Shui, waited for you in vain, I’ll leave first.  Ying”)

那時他才知道 (Only then did he realise)
原來候車室長久以來的這則留言是出自那婦人 (That those words in the waiting room that he’d seen all this while were written by the woman)
後來車站的老人告訴他 (Later, the old people at the station told him)
婦人已經在候車室坐了二十幾年了 (The woman had been sitting in the waiting room for twenty-some years)
有人說她瘋了 有人說曾看見她打開皮箱 (Some said she had gone mad.  Some said they had seen her open the suitcase)
箱裡裝的是少女時代的衣服 (In it were clothes from when she was young)
大部分的人都說 在二十幾年前那個夜晚 (Most said, on that night twenty-some years ago)
英和她的水約好在車站碰面 (Ying and her Shui had arranged to meet at the station)
要私奔到某一個不知名的地方 (To elope to some nameless place)
可是叫水的那個男人卻缺席了 (But the man named Shui had not come)

有一天他回家的時候 不再看到英的影子 (One day, he did not see Ying at all on his way home)
問了車站許多人都不知道為什麼 (He asked many people at the station but still did not know why)
這風雨無阻的婦人那一天沒有來 第二天的清晨 (This woman, who came everyday rain or shine, did not come that day.  In the morning the next day)
英殘缺的身體被發現在鐵道上 (Ying’s broken body was discovered on the tracks)
皮箱滾到很遠的地方 (The suitcase had rolled far far away)
旅客留言板上有她的字跡 只改了幾個字 (On the travellers’ bulletin board were her writing, only some words were changed)
「水, 等你三十年, 我先走了. 英 留」 (“Shui, waited thirty years for you, I’ll leave first. Ying”)

就這樣 斷了線 就真這樣 不再相見 (Just like this, the line breaks; just like this, we’ll never see each other again)
飛出了時間 飛出天邊 飛到另外一個 沒有我的天 (Flying out of time, out of the sky, to another sky without me)
經過許多年 所有的眷戀 飄浮在時空裡 沒有終點 (After many years, all the longing floats along in time and space, without destination)
人生是一張 泛黃的相片 而我站在車站靜止的畫面 (Life is a faded photograph, and I stand at the station, where the scene stops)

Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

4 thoughts on “The title of the song means “travel stop””

  1. Love every songs from 黃舒駿. His work is unique and most creative. Even the songs he wrote for Faye Wong are my most favourite. Can’t praise enough about 黃舒駿. I especially love his first hit: 馬不停蹄的憂傷, “Window”.

  2. Hi there again! :)
    Perhaps I am not as big a fan of 黃舒駿 as you are, but I do agree that his work is unique and creative. He is incredibly talented, an evocative lyricist.

  3. Hi Lichuan,

    Kudos for the lyrics and the youtube post.

    I remember that I froze and was tearing up when I first heard it back in my JC/NS days, when 933 was a nocturnal companion.

  4. Hey :)

    Was stunned by the song when I first heard the song too.

    Happened to be talking about it with a colleague* today, and she was saying that maybe the song wasn’t that sad – after all, wasn’t it also about determination and persistence and a lifelong love?

    Thinking about it, I realised that it was about all those things, but imagine their life together if they had got together and eloped and stayed by each other…

    *This colleague sits behind your sis :)

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