A few weeks ago, I lost my one week-old iPhone in a cab.  I realised the loss after about half an hour at home, and when I called the phone it had been switched off.  It isn’t exactly straightforward to switch an iPhone off, so I lost a large portion of hope there and then.  Still, I went through the motions.  I called the cab company, but found out that Comfort Delgro’s lost-and-found hotline operates only during office hours, and had to email them about my loss instead.  The real bummer was that I had to change the passwords to my Facebook and Gmail accounts, having made it laughably easy to access them for anyone who held my iPhone in their grubby claws.  Guess I wasn’t planning on losing it.  I am, however, planning to get the 4th generation version when it comes to Singapore. 

And last week, I got to go to Halong Bay during the weekend, in the midst of a work trip to Vietnam.*  It was one of those hot humid days with only a sporadic weak breeze even on the very pretty bay and I was with colleagues (including essentially the CEO of the organisation) I wasn’t all that familiar with and I had to climb up steps which were sometimes slippery on the way to view a limestone cave I would rather have not viewed and the boat we were on** could not dock on the pier and so we had to jump on to another boat which was docked***, go through it and step on to the the side railing of yet another boat, yours truly stupidly holding a bottle of mineral water in my right hand for someone else and using only my left to steady myself against the cabin of said boat and walk along said railing (just to help put you in the moment with me, said railing was not very wide) to the aft of said boat, where I grabbed onto the friendly and strong arm of one of the Vietnamese sailors-helpers-wranglers and levered myself onto our boat, where I glumly realised how out-of-shape I was.  Not pleasant.

P/S.  I don’t really know why I don’t blog as much as I used to. 

*My preferred way of spending a weekend during a work trip is to vege out at the hotel, only emerging (weather and friendliness of locals permitting) for some simple cuisine and exploration.  Alas I can already imagine tours to experience things-one-just-had-to-experience-after-coming-all-the-way in my very near future.

**On which we had a very satisfying meal, with easily de-shelled freshwater prawns, fries (yes, fries), steamed fish (expertly de-boned by a very accomplished lady colleague), stir-fried squid with some seasonal vegetables and mussels bought for a fortune from a kelong right in the bay

***This was after a harrowing (for me, afraid of heights and lacking balance) hurried rush along some narrow and high steps, and upon I jumped onto said docked boat my spectacles flew off my head and landed on the deck, slightly scratched; I need to get new specs.

Author: lichone

Ethics by Enid Blyton; physique by deep-fried things. I think we all have an instinct to tell stories and to build things and relationships,

2 thoughts on “bummer”

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words :)

    I think it was really too hot for a trip to Ha Long Bay that day. And to be honest I disliked the crowd and pollution, which was a pity as the bay itself looked promising, even in the sticky sizzling sun.

    I shall get new glasses soon; the current crack is a small and easily overlooked one :)

    Take care.

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